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PackageGarden Frequently Asked Questions

  • PackageGarden?

    • PackageGarden is a listing site, available for all commercial Umbraco packages.
  • Why PackageGarden?

    • PackageGarden is made for and by commercial Umbraco package vendors to create healthy commercial package ecosystem and encourage new commercial package vendors to create wonderful solutions for Umbraco
  • What does it costs to get listed on PackageGarden?

    • Getting a listing on PackageGarden is absolutely free of charge!
  • What price can my package have?

    • Your package must have a minium price of 49,- Euro, we don't encourage the creation of paid 'simple' datatypes. If you feel different you can always contact us.
  • How do I build licensing into my package?

    • When becoming a vendor you get acces to our PackageGarden licensing API and package, which you can use to include licensing in your package. You manage your licenses in your own Umbraco intallation.
  • How can I sell my package?

    • When becoming a PackageGarden vendor we supply you with a free add-on to uWebshop┬áthat connects to the package garden license tool,┬áto easily sell your licenses. Of course you can also use the licensing API to create a plugin for any other e-commerce solution
  • Is this all?

    • At the moment PackageGarden starts as a simple listing site. We hope to expand and improve the site in the current months. Your input, suggestions and help is always welcome!